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Environmental Protection Bureau Changhua County
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Resume of the Head of Changhua County
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Resume of the Head of County
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*Head of Changhua County: Zhuo Bo-Yuan
Educational Background:
Tian Jhong Elementary School, Tian Jhong Town, Changhua County Head of Changhua County: Zhuo Bo-Yuan(Open new window)
Sacred Hearts High School, Yunlin County (junior high and senior high)
Bachelor Degree from the Department of Law, National Taiwan University
Master’s Degree from the Institute of the Law of the Sea, National Taiwan Ocean University
1. Acting Official of Head of Changhua County
2. Deputy Head of Changhua County
3. Kuomingtang Chief Clerk of the Legislative Yuan
4. Councillor of Changhua County (elected twice)
5. Lecturer for Providence University and Dayeh University
6. President of Chinese Taipei Masters Athletics Association
7. Vice President of Chinese Taipei Ching Chi Association
8. President of the Zhuo Family Association of Changhua County
9. President of Changhua County Ching Chi Association
10. Chairperson of Changhua Center for Children and Families
11. President of Junior Chamber International
12. President of China Youth Corps
13. Executive Committee Member of Changhua County Fire Protection Association
14. Kuomingtang Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Yuan
15. Member of the Judiciary Committee of Legislative Yuan
16. President of the Internal Administration Committee of Legislative Yuan
17. Member of the Constitution Amendment Committee of Legislative Yuan
18. Member of the SARS Prevention Foundation
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