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Environmental Protection Bureau Changhua County

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Changhua County is located at the center of Taiwan. North lies the Dadu River with Taichung as the boundary; south lies the Zhuoshuixi River, neighboring on Yunlin. East lies Bagua Mountain with Nantou neighboring; west lies Taiwan Strait. With an area of 1,074km2, Changhua County has a population of over 131, and population density of 1,225 people per square kilometer.

In Changhua County, there are 8,311 factories, with a density of 7.7 factories per square kilometer. With a mixed industry of agricultural and industrial, the nine developed industrial park service centers (i.e. established industrial parks) include Changhua Coastal, Chuansing, Fusing, Fangyuan, Bitou, Beidou, Tashing, and Niouchouzih, Tianjhong Industrial Park Service Centers. Except for Changhua Coastal Industrial Park Service Center, which was directly established and developed by the central government (Ministry of Economic Affairs), the others were established according to local government. Metalware, textile industry and plastic goods take us the majority of factory registration.

With a total number of 426,060 cars and 877,482 motorcycles, the density of vehicles in Changhua County is 1213 per square kilometer.

There are three air quality inspection spots in Changhua County, which are located in Jhongsiao Primary School (Changhua Stop), Hsien Hsi Junior High School (Hsien His Stop) and Wan He Elementary School (Erh Lin Stop). According to the inspection results from 92年 and 96年, the average of air pollution standards index (PSI) read 59.8, and the days in which the PSI levels ranged between good to moderate took up 97.39%, whereas unhealthy took up 2.61%; the main source of pollution was suspension particles and ozone.

Then four major rivers in Changhua County are Zhuoshuixi River, Yuanlin Ditch, Fanya Ditch and Yang Tzu Tso River.

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